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GNM Training

      The objective of the institution is to provide ethical, holistic, low cost, effective primary and secondary level of care to the patients irrespective of caste and religion with focus on the marginalised. We believe that good health is the right of every individual. It is the duty of the health care team to enable individuals achieve this right. The nurse is the important member of the health team. We believe that the uniqueness of comprehensive nursing is in caring for individuals, families and communities. Since caring is a Christ like value, nursing provides an oppurtunity to server God by serving our fellow-men.

      This unique role demands a blend of knowledge, skill, practice and commitment to serve. We believe that young women, who join this institution as nursing students, should be taught nursing as a profession and vocation, so that each one will become a responsible citizen to the nation, serving others in the love of Christ. When a congenial atmosphere of mutual love and respect are provided, the students will be able to imbibe a high standard of the theory, attitude and practise of nursing.


      To develop qualified nurses who will excel in rendering the best possible nursing care to clients / patients in the hospital and community.


  • To help students develop physically, spiritually and mentally to a high standard.
  • To help students to learn essential nursing skills.
  • To prepare nurses for effective participation in the national health programme.
  • To develop a quality of Character and altitude to the sick and suffering which would be Christ like and thereby enhance the dimensions of life and ideology of the institutions and to sensitise the students to the quality of concern for the needy.
  • To develop the ability to cooperate with others in the hospital and community in the care of sick, in the prevention of disease and promotion of health of the whole person.


      The School of Nursing offers a “Diploma programme in General Nursing and Midwifery” for 3 years. On successful completion of the course, a diploma is awarded by the Board of Nursing Education, the South India branch Nurses League of the Christian Medical Association of India and the Diploma is registered by the Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council, Chennai, and recognized by the Indian Nursing Council.


  1. Recent certificate of Physical fitness from a recognised Physician.
  2. Age of entrance shall be 17 years to 21 years relaxable up to 25 years as on 31st December.
  3. Only female unmarried candidates are eligible to apply.
  4. More than one member from the same family may not be selected in the same year.


      Candidates should have passed Higher Secondary (Plus Two) with minimum 40% marks.


      The fees for all the training courses are substantially subsidised by the institution so that candidates from less advantaged sections of the society are enabled to receive quality education. In view of this after successful completion of the training, students are required to serve the community in return by working in the Christian Fellowship Hospital or in the rural community health projects for a period of 2 years.


      Student who voluntarily withdraws on her own or the guardian’s wish will be required to pay the whole fee for the course. The amount paid on admission will not be refunded. A nurse who discontinues the internship on her own or the wish of the guardian will be required to pay the compensatory amount decided by the authorities to the institution.

      If a student marries during her training, she automatically discontinues the course and is required to pay the fees for the whole course.

      The first 3 months is probationary period. During this period if they are not found satisfactory and if they do not pass the examination at the end of this period, their training will be terminated.


  • The nursing course is for a period of 3 year which includes General Nursing Midwifery and Community Health Nursing.
  • 50% marks are required for a passing grade.


  1. Board Examination: At the end of each year, there will be written and practical examinations conducted by the examination Board of the South India Branch Nurses League of Christian Medical Association of India. The students will be given internal assessment marks both for the written and practical examination.
  2. School assessmentAssessment of the students will be done by the school throughout the training period. Before each Board examinations, a selection examination will be held. Only those who pass the tests shall be sent for the examination of the Board.


      Every student should attend at least 80% of the classes in each subject.


      3 vacations are given throughout the entire course period.


      10 days per year. This cannot be carried on to the next academic year. Normally no other leave will be granted.


      Vaccination against the Hepatitis ‘B’ is mandatory and the payment for the same should be done at the time of admission.


      Interest free Educational loan by the institution is given to deserving candidates, which will have to be refunded after the completion of the course within 2 years.

Candidates eligible for the course but unable to pay course fee can approach principal after payment of half of the fees for the course.


      Students will be accommodated in the hostel attached to the hospital under the supervision of the warden.


      All students are expected to follow the discipline and the rules and regulations of the school and the hostel. Violation of discipline will be strictly dealt with and may amount to dismissal from the course.

      Ragging is against the rules, strict action will be taken. complaints shall be directed to the Principal / Antiragging committee. Contact No. 04553 240319


      It is hoped that every student who completed the course trains herself to care for the sick efficiently in loving compassion and will experience the abundant life offered by the Lord Jesus Christ.


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For more information please contact:

The Principal,
School of Nursing,
Christian Fellowship Hospital,
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Phone: +91 (4553) 240319